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Stark found himself wandering during the middle of what would have been night, if spaceships had night, and eventually his feet led him to what had once been Zhaan's quarters. Of course he was here. Where else?

Walking's good exercise, at least? )

[For a change, nothing stolen from episode transcripts. I want a cupcake.]
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Yoti was finished with him, and Stark knew for certain now that his cooperation, such as it was, was not enough to earn him his freedom. Now he waited. He wasn't sure what he was waiting for, and it was certainly nothing good and most likely involved Scarrans if Yoti's earlier threats were anything to go by. Still, he had no choice but to wait.

In which Stark has nothing better to complain about than a lack of cupcakes. Someone needs to get his priorities straight. )

[I probably shouldn't enjoy torturing the poor alien so much. I still blame canon for it. Mostly. And I want a cupcake.]
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"I won't, I won't, I won't, I won't," Stark repeated, hugging his knees tightly to his chest. "I won't." It had been...he didn't know how long, actually. A weeken, at least. Maybe more. Once Stark had boarded the game designer's ship, he had found himself locked in a cell. In some situations familiarity can be comforting. This was not that kind of familiarity.

"I would have hoped you'd have become more cooperative by now. That will come. Eventually," Yoti said flatly from the other side of the door. Stark jumped. He hadn't known the man was there. The protests were for his own benefit, not Yoti's. But the Banik offered no response. He could already hear the footsteps as Yoti walked away.

And it only goes downhill from there. )

[I'm mean to my poor alien. But it's fun. Mostly. And comments? They are like cupcakes.]
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Why he had chosen that night, of all nights, to ignore a voice in his head, Stark had no idea. It had started out fine. Yoti had escorted him to a refreshment house near the temple. Stark had declined the offer of a drink. That decision, at least, had been a wise one.

Poor little Banik )

[Emo alien is so doomed. But at least he didn't sell anybody's memories to any skeezy game designer on purpose or anything. *glares at John Quixote*]


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