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There were no funny hats in space these days. Just a cramped transport pod with a Nebari, a Diagnosan, a Banik and a ... whatever it was Grunschlk was. Luckily, the trip back to the water planet wasn't all that long. It just felt that way.

To keep himself from sliding any further into insanity, Stark had been working on adjusting his comms. He was certain he could manage to make the comms connect to the Fandom alumni network with a little effort. Or, as it turned out, a lot of effort. A transport pod containing a drunk Diagnosan, his handler, and Chiana was not the best work environment for anyone, let alone someone as unstable as Stark so often was. But he was certain he could make it work.

He was certain he had made it work, actually, but he'd been certain of many other successes in the past that hadn't turned out to be successes at all. That hadn't stopped him before, and it didn't stop him now.

So while the pod made a brief stop on a commerce planet and Stark was left blissfully alone for a few microts, he very tentatively tried out his new and theoretically improved comms. Whether he'd be able to make contact with anyone wasn't clear, but he was going to say a hello into the ether and hope for the best.

[Farscape is 10 years old today. Woo! I decided to celebrate I would maybe let Stark actually interact with someone. Crazy, I know. But it just might work. If you've any desire to receive something like a phone call from an emo alien, now would be the time.]
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The trip to the Diagnosan was successful, in spite of Grunschlk. Stark had been disappointed the man was still alive, and was then immediately disappointed in himself for thinking such a thing. After the man had "robbed them blind" (Stark had winced even as he made this statement to Chiana) with fees for the Diagnosan and fees for himself, Stark had gone back to being disappointed that the man still lived after the ice planet.

But what was important was that Chiana had her new eyes and Stark could finally start dealing with some of his still at times overwhelming guilt. The unplanned confessions a few solar days prior had helped with that too. He hadn't MEANT to answer any questions so honestly, it had just seemed to happen.

And now one of the very first sights Chiana saw with her new eyes was Stark in an absolutely ridiculous hat.

"Drad!" she'd exclaimed. "Can I get one?"

"You can have this one," he said. "Except every time I put it down it keeps coming back. It always comes back. I can't get rid of it! I don't want it and I don't know where it came from and I want it GONE. Why won't it GO?"

Chiana had tried not to laugh. But not laughing was hard, and this was one of the first things she'd seen in far too long and she was going to enjoy it.
Unfortunately, the sound of her laughter had brought the Diagnosan (drunk, again) and his handler in.

This was more than Stark could take, so he'd stormed off, muttering darkly and wringing his hands, and shut himself up in the transport pod. The hat, much to his dismay, remained on his head.

[I had to delete 30 inactive userpics just to make this post just so I could use this icon. I think it was worth it.]
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His friends were still not-dead. Of this Stark was certain. He was something of an expert on death. He could be certain of such things. They also weren't really alive, which was, to understate things spectacularly, disturbing.

That was why Stark had volunteered to take Chiana to find a Diagnosan.

A Banik and a Nebari walk into a transport pod...and the Nebari manages not to kill the Banik. )


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