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Once again, Stark was sitting on the floor in his room, surrounded by weetiny penguins. Tonight, they tapdanced. While this was amusing now, waking up to penguins performing a dance routine on his mask because they liked the noise it made hadn't been nearly so much fun. As long as the penguins only danced on the floor or the furniture, Stark was fine with them.

[Open, though expecting one visitor in particular.]
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Stark had been advised by Daisy not to just hide out in his room until this being a girl thing went away. So he'd left the door open. That wasn't hiding, right? And he might still go out into a common room if the mood struck. Maybe. Although last time he'd gone to a common room there had been brownies and then he'd woken up as a she so maybe there wouldn't be common rooms.

The flailing from earlier was mostly under control, though there were still sporadic bursts of flail. Of course, most of the flailing had been replaced by pacing around the room.

Contemplating the idea of being "goth" as Daisy had called it, Stark had looked through the closet to find that yes, his clothing was still his clothing and still mostly brown and black. It just didn't fit right currently. At least the mask had changed to fit. Leaking all over the place would really have just been too much to deal with. At that thought Stark sat down on his bed and realized he hadn't actually checked under the mask to make sure everything there, at least, was as it should be. Thankfully, he still glowed. At some point it might have occurred to Stark that the mask wouldn't have been there if he wasn't still glowy, but he was too busy freaking out to think that clearly.

And now, back to the pacing and occasional flailing while listening to the rain.

[Door? Open. Post? Open. Alien? Flaily. Player? Bored. And yes, I posted twice in one day. No fainting!]


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