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Stark was not time-displaced. Not this weekend anyway. This was probably a good thing. He'd jumped around in time before and it had ended, quite literally, in tears. Also in death and for a brief period a planet being utterly destroyed. The planet, at least, had gotten better. But that wasn't really relevant right now.

What was relevant was that Stark had found that cupcake TV program that Anders had mentioned and was now sitting on the edge of the bed watching it. Well, staring at it in horrified fascination might be a better term.

"FISH!?" Stark shook his head. "What sort of twisted person puts fish into a cupcake? That is terrible. Absolutely terrible."

Yes. Yes, he was in fact talking to the cupcake in his hand. Look, nobody ever accused him of being sane. Well, maybe they had. But really he'd only ever been accused of being less mad than he appeared.

"I'm not even sure what wasabi is" he continued, frowning at the nice normal chocolate cupcake he was holding, "but it does not sound like it belongs in a cupcake. Especially with fish. This is horrible. I have to tell Anders. I hope his cupcake truck doesn't do things like that. That was awful. Awful awful awful. Fish. In a cupcake!"

But he wasn't changing the channel. He couldn't seem to look away.

[Yes, he's watching Cupcake Wars and the tuna wasabi cupcake was REAL. Can be open. This just had to be done.]
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Like many current and former residents of Fandom, Stark had woken up not himself today. The hair wasn't a surprise this time. It had been a long time since he'd bothered to cut his regular hair, much less shave it.

The being girl-shapped was a surprise, even if it had happened before. He'd hoped that was the one and only time that would happen.

"Oh, frell," he said to the empty transport pod. The pod didn't respond.

Stark, being Stark, then spent some time flailing and muttering to himself. And pacing, though there wasn't much room for that. The transport pod, being a transport pod, still didn't respond.

So Stark decided he'd try and contact someone who would at least be sympathetic to the fact that he wasn't Stark-shaped at the moment and was in fact girl-shaped. And by someone he meant anyone. That's why he was trying to place a call to...anyone.

[Would have got this up earlier but ended up being gone all day. But it's still Friday here! Barely! Want a call from an emo and currently girly alien? Have at it! He would enjoy having someone to flail at, even super long distance.]
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The trip to the Diagnosan was successful, in spite of Grunschlk. Stark had been disappointed the man was still alive, and was then immediately disappointed in himself for thinking such a thing. After the man had "robbed them blind" (Stark had winced even as he made this statement to Chiana) with fees for the Diagnosan and fees for himself, Stark had gone back to being disappointed that the man still lived after the ice planet.

But what was important was that Chiana had her new eyes and Stark could finally start dealing with some of his still at times overwhelming guilt. The unplanned confessions a few solar days prior had helped with that too. He hadn't MEANT to answer any questions so honestly, it had just seemed to happen.

And now one of the very first sights Chiana saw with her new eyes was Stark in an absolutely ridiculous hat.

"Drad!" she'd exclaimed. "Can I get one?"

"You can have this one," he said. "Except every time I put it down it keeps coming back. It always comes back. I can't get rid of it! I don't want it and I don't know where it came from and I want it GONE. Why won't it GO?"

Chiana had tried not to laugh. But not laughing was hard, and this was one of the first things she'd seen in far too long and she was going to enjoy it.
Unfortunately, the sound of her laughter had brought the Diagnosan (drunk, again) and his handler in.

This was more than Stark could take, so he'd stormed off, muttering darkly and wringing his hands, and shut himself up in the transport pod. The hat, much to his dismay, remained on his head.

[I had to delete 30 inactive userpics just to make this post just so I could use this icon. I think it was worth it.]
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Life in the Uncharted Territories, to put it bluntly, often sucked. Life in Scarran space pretty much always sucked. But there was one thing that Stark's current end of the universe had going for it. At least there weren't plagues. Well, not right now anyway.

Not that Stark knew anything about any plagues currently happening. Even if he did, he wouldn't be sitting around feeling grateful that at least there weren't any plagues where he was. He'd be much too busy flailing at the thought of a plague on the island. There would likely also be flailing because he would be feeling that he should have been there to help.

But Stark knew nothing of any plagues. So none of this is relevant.

[Don't look at me like that. Maybe I just wanted a plaaaaaague tag of my very own. Also, I blame Anders.]


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