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Stark wasn't sure where he was. Somewhere in space, as usual. It had been a long time since he'd stopped anywhere and even then he hadn't really been paying attention. He was still wandering rather aimlessly.

Although he didn't know where he was, the island had had no trouble delivering a message that there was an event coming up. A visit back to the closest thing to home besides Moya (and he wasn't ready to go back to Moya, not yet) would be welcome. The last visit had hurt, still hurt, would always hurt. How could it not? Losing Zhaan grew no easier the third time it happened. But the seemingly endless loneliness hurt as well and Stark was growing tired of the echoes of his own babbles inside the transport pod. And, of course, a cupcake would be a welcome change from the food cubes. At least the supply of those was finally growing measurably smaller.

Now he just needed to arrange transport back to the island.

[NFB of course (in spaaaaaaaaaace no squirrels can hear you scream?), but open for any phone calls or what have you]
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It was absurd, Stark had decided, that cupcakes were apparently unique to Earth. He hadn't given up hope that someday he might find them but given the sheer number of commerce (and other) planets he'd been on in his lifetime he didn't think it likely.

Perhaps he could start a cupcake business out here in the Uncharteds. Of course, he'd have to learn how to actually bake them first. Maybe Anders could help with that. And there was the lack of chocolate to contend with as well. Anders probably couldn't do much about that. The chocolate ones were, after all, the best ones. Perhaps the chocolate deficiency that the rest of the universe suffered from was the reason that there were no cupcakes to be found.

And perhaps Stark had been spending too much time alone eating his seemingly never-ending supply of food cubes and daydreaming of cupcakes.
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It was not a holiday in the UTs. Well, it probably was one somewhere, but Stark didn't know about it.

For him, it was just another solar day. A day full of food cubes and a quiet transport pod.

If it were the beginning of a new cycle for Stark he might have made a resolution to do something about the quiet transport pod and the endless repetitive solar days. He had friends out there in the universe and there was always the island to go back to, even if just for a visit.

Since it wasn't a holiday for Stark he wouldn't be making that resolution. He might, however, still make an effort to try and change things in his life. He couldn't wander around from commerce planet to commerce planet like this forever and he didn't want to.
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Stark had run out of food on his transport pod. This meant he had to stop somewhere and this commerce planet had been convenient. It also seemed to have a sizable Delvian population, which Stark had attempted to avoid during his visit. He hadn't been entirely successful.

He would have perfectly content, or at least as content as he ever was any more, to stay holed up in the transport pod and not speak to anyone or see anyone at all. His visit to Fandom, Zhaan's unexpected appearance there and all-too-expected disappearance had left him wishing for nothing more than solitude. Possibly forever. Unfortunately, his stomach had had other ideas and contact with others, including the inconveniently placed Delvians, had been unavoidable.

At least he had enough food to last him for quite some time now, he thought as he finished loading the last of his purchases. He wouldn't have to see or speak to anyone until this food ran out. That was weekens away, at the earliest.

At some point he would remember how much he hated being alone with just his own jumbled thoughts for company. Probably around the same time as he realized he'd bought a large crate of food cubes, rather than something actually edible, in his haste to get off the planet.

[Establishy unless you wanna call an emo alien. I will be heading to bed very shortly though, so it will be a very sloooow call.]
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In which the universe is almost destroyed but there's a mostly happy ending. )
Stark had had enough of all this and wanting nothing more than some peace, felt he could not stay. He made his goodbyes, murmured as many blessings as he knew over tiny D'Argo Sun Crichton, and took a transport pod, hoping to go back to another home. He would have stayed for Chiana's sake, but she didn't want his assistance or interference in her grief and he knew he wouldn't be of much assistance in any rebuilding efforts that might occur. Instead he would try to get back to the island. He had missed Fandom ever since he left, and now seemed a perfect time to return. He felt like he needed to be back there, for some reason, moreso than he had in quite a long time.

[So, that's PK Wars except for Stark's final scene because, I'm sorry, being forced to take someone's soul and knowledge into your head against your will and then watching the universe nearly destroyed does NOT EQUAL finding your own inner peace. Plus, think of all the glowy icons no longer usable if Stark stops glowing as he seems to at the end. Makes no sense to me, so I skip it.]
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In which Stark marries a couple, gets slapped for his troubles, and somehow almost everyone escapes alive. Almost everyone. )

[I know. 3 in a row is a lot but I'm done for the night, I promise. 1 more tomorrow and that's it for PK Wars and all of Stark's canon appearances. Really. No more spamming from me. And really, since when do I ever post this much? Who am I and what did I do with me?]
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While the others had searched for Stark, and found him, Sikozu had managed to make a transport pod watertight so they might all get to the surface. They landed on the surface, and D'Argo, Stark, Crichton, Aeryn, Sikozu, Scorpius, Chiana, Rygel, and Jothee headed for the Eidelon's city. Aerial combatants flew over head, firing, and Stark stopped, a pained expression on his face.

In which a few survivors are found and someone thinks the middle of a firefight will be a good time to be born. )

[Almost there, really. Next installment to follow shortly. I guess all I needed was a plot to send Stark back to the island for to finally finish dragging through the end of canon.]
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Time passed on Moya. A few solar days at most while they traveled back to the water planet. Stark was still distraught, not paying attention to the passage of time or to anything else. He didn't notice the comings and goings of anyone else on Moya. He wandered the corridors occasionally, ignoring his comms and the DRDs and most attempts at interaction and the reports of developments in the war between the Scarrans and the Peacekeepers. The war that might have been averted already if only he had better prepared Yondalao or if only he were able to do what it was everyone wanted him to do and deliver Yondalao's spiritual remains to the other Eidelons. "I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy. Can't do that, can't do that. I can't do it." Repetitions along those lines were all he said when he bothered to speak at all. Sometimes, even when he did speak, he was barely understandable. The others weren't sure if he was talking to himself or a voice in his head. It amounted to much the same thing as far as they were concerned, and Stark babbling was at least somewhat normal, even if the rest of his behavior wasn't.

He would have spoken to the others if he could have. He wanted to. If he were able to, he would have told them everything. He would have tried to explain what was going inside his head. He would have tried to tell them all that what was left of Yondalao was nearly unbearable to be carrying around inside of himself but that he was trying. And yes, he was occasionally carrying on conversations with the voices in his head but if they had half as many pieces of others inside of them as he did his shipmates would do the same thing. Some of the voices were helpful. Others, particularly those acquired when he had lived among Scarrans and Peacekeepers, were not. And some of them were just loud and distracting. And one, the one voice he wanted most of all, was nearly silent and that only made matters worse. If Zhaan were here, even just in his head, it would be easier. He knew that. If Zhaan were here the others would never have forced him into this situation in the first place. She wouldn't have allowed it. He knew that, too. Of course, the others knew nothing of all of this. All they knew was that something was wrong. Even if he had tried to explain, they wouldn't have understood. None of them were Stykera. None of them had had the the remains of a spiritual leader, and with them one of the last hopes for peace in this end of the galaxy, forced into their heads.

"I don't know how," was his last quietly desperate statement before he stopped speaking entirely.

[Poor wee Banik. We're almost at the end though. Hopefully.]
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A long delayed continuation. During which things get even worse, because this is Farscape. )

[I don't even know why this is taking such a ridiculous amount of time for me. Also, I hate that they did that to Stark in PK Wars. It was just CRUEL. Dialogue and such taken from a transcript of hour 2 of PK Wars. Stark's internal babble, all me. Will the next installment take two months? I HOPE NOT. Someone just poke me with a stick or something, will you?]
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Once aboard the Scarran ship, Stark and the others were led into a detention area and scanned for weapons. There were rather a lot of those amongst this group.

And then more unpleasantness )

[In just under the wire. Whee.]
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Having landed on Arnessk, Stark and the travelers from Moya headed in what they hoped was the direction of the Eidelon temple.

And one of them was molested by a crazed wild woman but that's not really important here. )

[Life sucks in the UTs, yes it does. Particularly for anyone who's ever spent time on Moya. Dialogue pulled from a PK Wars transcript. More unpleasantness to come, because Kemper and Rockne are crueler than I could ever be.]
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It had taken longer than Stark had anticipated to make it back to the water planet. And as soon as he'd landed he found himself in the middle of wedding preparations.

This is Farscape, that won't end well... )

[ooc: look, I started PK Wars again, Finally.To be continued. Probably sooner than 2 months from now. I hope. Unless life has further plans for kicking me in the teeth.]
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Stark always missed Zhaan. This was a fundamental part of who he was, much like his tenous hold on his sanity or his tendency to babble. Sometimes he missed her more than others. Usually this was just something he accepted, something that bothered him on some level but not an immediate one. Usually it was a wistful sort of emotion, occasionally something stronger. Sometimes it was more immediate. Like today. Today it wasn't even just emotional. Today it was almost physical.

Staying cooped up his transport pod was not helping Stark in the least, which was why he'd landed on this small commerce planet. Doing something, even if it was just wandering through a marketplace looking for something more palatable than food cubes, had to be better than being left alone with his thoughts right now. Unfortunately for Stark, this particular commerce planet happened, at the moment, to be hosting more than a few Delvians.

Had Stark known about the influx of Delvians, he probably wouldn't have landed at all. Right now he wasn't in any shape to be running into blue people when all he wanted in the world was one particular, beloved blue person. One he'd been missing for far, far too long.

It had been merely an annoyance when he'd spotted the first Delvian woman. He'd simply turned and headed in a new direction. It had happened again, and he'd turned again, thinkin perhaps he should just head back to the pod.

And then he'd turned and crashed into two Delvian Pa'us. Having one eye, after all, led to a distinct lack of peripheral vision to one side. He stumbled backward, stared, paled, whispered "Goddess help me" in a tone barely audible even to himself and began stammering out an apology.

One of the priestesses had grabbed at his shoulder to steady him as he stumbled. She smiled, dismissing the apology as unnecessary, as did the other. "Are you all right?" one asked, "you look...unwell."

"Could we help?" offered the other. "Come, sit, before you fall over." She motioned to a recently vacated bench as she spoke. The first Delvian who had spoken nodded her agreement, gently pushing tugging Stark towards the bench. Part of Stark was having very happy thoughts at the idea of these two Delvians. The vast majority of him was appalled at that part and trying not to flail or run screaming.

"I..." Stark began, toying with the mask buckle at his neck in his effort not to flail. "I. No. No. This is. I...That is, you''re not. And I, no. You're not, even if you look...I need to go. Now. Need to go now. Need to be somewhere else. Alone." Leaving two confused Delvian priestesses behind him, Stark turned and fled in the opposite direction hoping he could manage to avoid anymore encounters with blue women on his way back to the transport pod. Perhaps being alone was his best option right now.

[I couldn't leave Stark entirely out of sex week even though just contemplating including him felt vaguely wrong somehow. Establishy unless you happen to be in the UTs or you're taking a break from your pollen-fueled sexcapades to call an alien. He'd enjoy that.]
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Previously, on Farscape, there was a nice safe water planet.

In which season 4 ends, not with a bang but with some screaming )

[So that's a spoiler-tastic recap of the last few minutes of season 4. This is how David Kemper, magnificent bastard that he is, left us hanging with only a "to be continued" to cling desperately to. And for once I'm not craving cupcakes as I write one of these posts.]
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In which Stark is not told things, freaks out, and makes someone go blind. Oops? )

[So, that post apparently took 5 months to write. o_0. Okay. There is no excuse for that. This brings us almost to end of season 4. Except for the really traumatic bit at the end. As opposed to all the traumatic bits in the middle.]


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