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Eventually, the Hynerian and the Traskan find what, and who, they have been searching for. It wasn't quite so simple as that. Things are never as simple as that. There had been Charrids and Kalish and Scarrans to avoid and various other parts of the plan to implement, but eventually the pair had found the correct room and the box within it. And then, of course, there had been more people to avoid and a bit of hiding behind said box.

And then... )

[A whoooole lot of this is borrowed and adapted from transcripts of episode 4.21 "We're So Screwed: La Bomba." The middle bit is all me.]
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Outside the box, things are changing.
Inside the box...there is Stark. )

[Italicized bit taken almost straight from an episode transcript from the "We're So Screwed" trilogy. And I love that my canon has episode titles like that.]
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Inside his box, Stark dreams. What else is there to do when you were in forced stasis?

Dream a little dream... )

But dreams, like all things, end.

[See? I can still be nice to the poor emo alien. Sort of.]
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Once again, Stark had sat in his cell for what seemed like forever. It might have been forever, for all he knew. Time wasn't such a fixed constant as people believed; Stark knew that well enough by now. It might have been days that he sat there, staring at the walls. It might have been weekens. Food still didn't come at regular intervals. He wasn't being starved. He was just always hungry. At least, with Scorpy, there had been food and water most of the time. And there had been the Chair. "The Chair the Chair remember the Chair..." Stark's voice trailed off as he realized what he was saying. First he missed food cubes, now he was almost wishing for an Aurora Chair to break up the tedium of endless arns in this cell. Maybe everyone was right and he'd been crazy all along. He felt crazy now.

The door opened then, interrupting thoughts of sanity or a lack thereof. This time it was food, or what passed for food here. And there was food, regularly even, for a few solar days after that. Stark was suspicious, but this was better than no food and so he ate.

Inna box! (Finally?) )

Had Stark been conscious, he would have been muttering to himself about how he never should have left the island in the first place and how snow monsters and zombies were infinitely superior to Scarrans. But he wasn't conscious and so there was no muttering.

[Emo aliens do not get holiday breaks. Or something like that. At least he got a shiny box for the holiday?]


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