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In which the universe is almost destroyed but there's a mostly happy ending. )
Stark had had enough of all this and wanting nothing more than some peace, felt he could not stay. He made his goodbyes, murmured as many blessings as he knew over tiny D'Argo Sun Crichton, and took a transport pod, hoping to go back to another home. He would have stayed for Chiana's sake, but she didn't want his assistance or interference in her grief and he knew he wouldn't be of much assistance in any rebuilding efforts that might occur. Instead he would try to get back to the island. He had missed Fandom ever since he left, and now seemed a perfect time to return. He felt like he needed to be back there, for some reason, moreso than he had in quite a long time.

[So, that's PK Wars except for Stark's final scene because, I'm sorry, being forced to take someone's soul and knowledge into your head against your will and then watching the universe nearly destroyed does NOT EQUAL finding your own inner peace. Plus, think of all the glowy icons no longer usable if Stark stops glowing as he seems to at the end. Makes no sense to me, so I skip it.]
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In which Stark marries a couple, gets slapped for his troubles, and somehow almost everyone escapes alive. Almost everyone. )

[I know. 3 in a row is a lot but I'm done for the night, I promise. 1 more tomorrow and that's it for PK Wars and all of Stark's canon appearances. Really. No more spamming from me. And really, since when do I ever post this much? Who am I and what did I do with me?]
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While the others had searched for Stark, and found him, Sikozu had managed to make a transport pod watertight so they might all get to the surface. They landed on the surface, and D'Argo, Stark, Crichton, Aeryn, Sikozu, Scorpius, Chiana, Rygel, and Jothee headed for the Eidelon's city. Aerial combatants flew over head, firing, and Stark stopped, a pained expression on his face.

In which a few survivors are found and someone thinks the middle of a firefight will be a good time to be born. )

[Almost there, really. Next installment to follow shortly. I guess all I needed was a plot to send Stark back to the island for to finally finish dragging through the end of canon.]
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A long delayed continuation. During which things get even worse, because this is Farscape. )

[I don't even know why this is taking such a ridiculous amount of time for me. Also, I hate that they did that to Stark in PK Wars. It was just CRUEL. Dialogue and such taken from a transcript of hour 2 of PK Wars. Stark's internal babble, all me. Will the next installment take two months? I HOPE NOT. Someone just poke me with a stick or something, will you?]
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Once aboard the Scarran ship, Stark and the others were led into a detention area and scanned for weapons. There were rather a lot of those amongst this group.

And then more unpleasantness )

[In just under the wire. Whee.]
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Having landed on Arnessk, Stark and the travelers from Moya headed in what they hoped was the direction of the Eidelon temple.

And one of them was molested by a crazed wild woman but that's not really important here. )

[Life sucks in the UTs, yes it does. Particularly for anyone who's ever spent time on Moya. Dialogue pulled from a PK Wars transcript. More unpleasantness to come, because Kemper and Rockne are crueler than I could ever be.]
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Previously, on Farscape, there was a nice safe water planet.

In which season 4 ends, not with a bang but with some screaming )

[So that's a spoiler-tastic recap of the last few minutes of season 4. This is how David Kemper, magnificent bastard that he is, left us hanging with only a "to be continued" to cling desperately to. And for once I'm not craving cupcakes as I write one of these posts.]
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In which Stark is not told things, freaks out, and makes someone go blind. Oops? )

[So, that post apparently took 5 months to write. o_0. Okay. There is no excuse for that. This brings us almost to end of season 4. Except for the really traumatic bit at the end. As opposed to all the traumatic bits in the middle.]
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Outside the box, things are changing.
Inside the box...there is Stark. )

[Italicized bit taken almost straight from an episode transcript from the "We're So Screwed" trilogy. And I love that my canon has episode titles like that.]
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Once again, Stark had sat in his cell for what seemed like forever. It might have been forever, for all he knew. Time wasn't such a fixed constant as people believed; Stark knew that well enough by now. It might have been days that he sat there, staring at the walls. It might have been weekens. Food still didn't come at regular intervals. He wasn't being starved. He was just always hungry. At least, with Scorpy, there had been food and water most of the time. And there had been the Chair. "The Chair the Chair remember the Chair..." Stark's voice trailed off as he realized what he was saying. First he missed food cubes, now he was almost wishing for an Aurora Chair to break up the tedium of endless arns in this cell. Maybe everyone was right and he'd been crazy all along. He felt crazy now.

The door opened then, interrupting thoughts of sanity or a lack thereof. This time it was food, or what passed for food here. And there was food, regularly even, for a few solar days after that. Stark was suspicious, but this was better than no food and so he ate.

Inna box! (Finally?) )

Had Stark been conscious, he would have been muttering to himself about how he never should have left the island in the first place and how snow monsters and zombies were infinitely superior to Scarrans. But he wasn't conscious and so there was no muttering.

[Emo aliens do not get holiday breaks. Or something like that. At least he got a shiny box for the holiday?]
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It was harder to measure the passage of time when trapped in a dark cell, particularly when those who locked you up weren't concerned with such things as regular rations of food and water. Stark wasn't sure how long it had been since he came to the base, or how long it had been since the last time a guard appeared with food or water. It had been long enough since the last visit that Stark was beginning to miss food cubes.

And you know the situation is dire when you miss food cubes )

[Yep, still mean to my alien. Still blaming canon for it. Oh season 4, look what you make me do.]
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Yoti was finished with him, and Stark knew for certain now that his cooperation, such as it was, was not enough to earn him his freedom. Now he waited. He wasn't sure what he was waiting for, and it was certainly nothing good and most likely involved Scarrans if Yoti's earlier threats were anything to go by. Still, he had no choice but to wait.

In which Stark has nothing better to complain about than a lack of cupcakes. Someone needs to get his priorities straight. )

[I probably shouldn't enjoy torturing the poor alien so much. I still blame canon for it. Mostly. And I want a cupcake.]
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"I won't, I won't, I won't, I won't," Stark repeated, hugging his knees tightly to his chest. "I won't." It had been...he didn't know how long, actually. A weeken, at least. Maybe more. Once Stark had boarded the game designer's ship, he had found himself locked in a cell. In some situations familiarity can be comforting. This was not that kind of familiarity.

"I would have hoped you'd have become more cooperative by now. That will come. Eventually," Yoti said flatly from the other side of the door. Stark jumped. He hadn't known the man was there. The protests were for his own benefit, not Yoti's. But the Banik offered no response. He could already hear the footsteps as Yoti walked away.

And it only goes downhill from there. )

[I'm mean to my poor alien. But it's fun. Mostly. And comments? They are like cupcakes.]


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