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It was a different day of the week than usual this session, but Stark was in his office. He wasn't sure why. The class was over now. He ought to have done this on an earlier day this week if he had wanted it to be in any way useful. But he was here nonetheless.

He'd packed up the cupcake books or returned them to the library. All that remained on the desk were the plants and the usual plate of cupcakes. This time they were cupcakes left from yesterday's class, which he was reviewing. There may even have been some note-taking happening about them in the hopes he might be able to recreate some in the future, or have someone else do so. Maybe he could make some suggestions to Gunther at the hotel. Or to someone at J,GoB. And, of course, there were plenty of cupcakes to share with anyone that might stop by.

[Sure, it's a bit silly to have office hours after the class is over but I forgot Wednesday and I didn't want to miss my last chance. I am clinging desperately to my glowyface alien, as per usual. Door and post are, of course, open.]
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Tuesday nights were when the cupcake show that had inspired the cupcake class Stark and Anders had been teaching all summer. Stark didn't always manage to watch the show when it was originally on, but sometimes he did. Tonight was one of those times.

"Corn? Again?" he shook his head at the television, dismayed. Not to mention the cheese frosting. Or the jalapenos. The berries at least were a good idea. "Those do not sound appealing. At all."

"I like the little carrots though," he said, after the first commercials. They were cute. Then he sat back to see what the judges had to say. Often he did not agree. At all. At least he had some proven delicious cupcakes to nibble on while he watched.

[Cupcake Wars is a Comic-Con themed episode tonight. So far I am unimpressed. If you would have any reason to stop by, feel free.]
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Things were back to normal in Stark's office, thanks to things being back to normal on the rest of the island. Or as normal as they got around here, at least.

He'd looked for a book of Disney cupcakes in honor of their new location but hadn't found one in the library. So today he was looking at cupcake blogs instead. There were lots of options for making mouse ears and for other Disney inspired things. Those cupcakes probably wouldn't end up being used in class but they were fun to look at. He wondered if there were cupcakes across the causeway in the park.

There was a plate of mini cupcakes on the desk, a Banik sitting behind it, and the door was open.

[Open office (the alternative here would be silly), SP because I'm covered in tiny children all day. Come say hi, have a cupcake or two (they're small).]
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It was cold out. Stark was not pleased with this development. Cold and snow would likely always remind him of the ice planet. But that was hard to think on, so he was trying not to. Even though it was cold and snowy outside.

Bundled up in his muppet fur coat, he was seated at the desk with an open book in front of him. There was also a mug of tea, and of course the all important plate of tiny cupcakes for sharing.

[SDCC starts tonight! EEK! I'm around for a few hours though, should anyone want me.]
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The routine hadn't changed this week, though Stark had acquired another tiny potted plant (this one with blue flowers) for the desk.

He was still sitting at the desk, still looking at cupcake cookbooks. This week he had two books open in front of him. One seemed to just be strange looking cupcakes, but the other had some rather questionable recipes in it.

The plate of mini cupcakes for sharing purposes contained cupcakes that neither looked nor tasted weird. This week's were all varying degrees of chocolate.

[As always, my availability is zero until I return home in the evening, but Stark is happy to have visitors and I am happy to pick up pings when I get back.]
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The tiny house plant on the desk seemed to be doing well so Stark had added another small pot next to it. The pile of cupcake books had also increased over the week. The desk almost looked crowded when you added in the usual plate of tiny cupcakes for sharing purposes. They were all meat AND vegetable free.

This week Stark was looking at the follow-up to one of the cookbooks from last week.

[Back from Disney, so the usual availability notice applies here.]
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This week the office looked much the same as it had last week. Stark still found the idea of an office rather odd, but he was beginning to get used to it. After spending a few minutes tending to his tiny plant (which was doing quite well, thank you) he sat down at his desk.

Once again there was a small plate of tiny cupcakes on the desk for sharing. There was also a pile of cookbooks on one corner of the desk and after some careful consideration Stark picked up the top one and started flipping through it. Research was important. Really. And he liked the pictures.

[Post and door are open. My availability is zero until 5-ish EDT, as per usual.]
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Stark was in his office. This was strange in and of itself. He’d never had an office before and wasn’t entirely sure what to do with one. So far he’d added a tiny potted plant to the desk and that was all. It had seemed like an appropriate thing to do. The pacing he was doing instead of sitting at the desk was less strange but, since this was Stark, just as appropriate.

There was also plate of assorted tiny cupcakes from J,GOB on the desk. That had also seemed appropriate. The cupcakes, however, were a far less permanent addition to the space. These were for sharing should anyone show up today while he was there. If not he might be forced to eat them all over the weekend.

[My standard “no internet at work” disclaimer applies. I will, of course, pick up pings when I return this evening. However, the door and post are open and the Banik would almost certainly be happy to see you and he'll share the cupcakes. Unless you call him “Professor,” Raven.]
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Stark was not time-displaced. Not this weekend anyway. This was probably a good thing. He'd jumped around in time before and it had ended, quite literally, in tears. Also in death and for a brief period a planet being utterly destroyed. The planet, at least, had gotten better. But that wasn't really relevant right now.

What was relevant was that Stark had found that cupcake TV program that Anders had mentioned and was now sitting on the edge of the bed watching it. Well, staring at it in horrified fascination might be a better term.

"FISH!?" Stark shook his head. "What sort of twisted person puts fish into a cupcake? That is terrible. Absolutely terrible."

Yes. Yes, he was in fact talking to the cupcake in his hand. Look, nobody ever accused him of being sane. Well, maybe they had. But really he'd only ever been accused of being less mad than he appeared.

"I'm not even sure what wasabi is" he continued, frowning at the nice normal chocolate cupcake he was holding, "but it does not sound like it belongs in a cupcake. Especially with fish. This is horrible. I have to tell Anders. I hope his cupcake truck doesn't do things like that. That was awful. Awful awful awful. Fish. In a cupcake!"

But he wasn't changing the channel. He couldn't seem to look away.

[Yes, he's watching Cupcake Wars and the tuna wasabi cupcake was REAL. Can be open. This just had to be done.]
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Stark wasn't sure where he was. Somewhere in space, as usual. It had been a long time since he'd stopped anywhere and even then he hadn't really been paying attention. He was still wandering rather aimlessly.

Although he didn't know where he was, the island had had no trouble delivering a message that there was an event coming up. A visit back to the closest thing to home besides Moya (and he wasn't ready to go back to Moya, not yet) would be welcome. The last visit had hurt, still hurt, would always hurt. How could it not? Losing Zhaan grew no easier the third time it happened. But the seemingly endless loneliness hurt as well and Stark was growing tired of the echoes of his own babbles inside the transport pod. And, of course, a cupcake would be a welcome change from the food cubes. At least the supply of those was finally growing measurably smaller.

Now he just needed to arrange transport back to the island.

[NFB of course (in spaaaaaaaaaace no squirrels can hear you scream?), but open for any phone calls or what have you]
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It was absurd, Stark had decided, that cupcakes were apparently unique to Earth. He hadn't given up hope that someday he might find them but given the sheer number of commerce (and other) planets he'd been on in his lifetime he didn't think it likely.

Perhaps he could start a cupcake business out here in the Uncharteds. Of course, he'd have to learn how to actually bake them first. Maybe Anders could help with that. And there was the lack of chocolate to contend with as well. Anders probably couldn't do much about that. The chocolate ones were, after all, the best ones. Perhaps the chocolate deficiency that the rest of the universe suffered from was the reason that there were no cupcakes to be found.

And perhaps Stark had been spending too much time alone eating his seemingly never-ending supply of food cubes and daydreaming of cupcakes.
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They made it back, eventually, to the water planet. The Diagnosan, Chiana, Grunschlk and Stark all survived the trip, which was more surprising than the fact that they reached their destination.

The others had been busy while Stark and Chiana were off getting new eyes and a doctor, and all the tiny, tiny pieces of Crichton and Aeryn had been found. And then, somehow, they were put back together. It was good to have everyone back in one piece

Satisfied with the fact that he'd been right and his friends hadn't been dead at all and that they were now returned to themselves, Stark eventually slipped away back to the transport pod. He'd returned Chiana, he'd brought the Diagnosan back, everyone was back in one piece. He wasn't needed here right now and staying didn't feel right. In the discussion and excitement of new eyes, babies, engagements, and Rygel being suddenly pregnant Stark's absence wasn't immediately noticed, nor was the note he left. The note simply promised he'd return, as he always did, and that he would try his best not to be put into any boxes before then.

Once in the transport pod and away from the planet, Stark began fiddling with the comms. Maybe he'd get through to someone again.

[Stark will be back with everyone, eventually, so I can do PK Wars in my own special highly abridged way. And through the magic of being a glowy plot device he won't even miss anything important. And Rygel being pregnant? Never gonna not be funny. Open, if anyone would like to contact or be contacted by an emo alien.]
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There were no funny hats in space these days. Just a cramped transport pod with a Nebari, a Diagnosan, a Banik and a ... whatever it was Grunschlk was. Luckily, the trip back to the water planet wasn't all that long. It just felt that way.

To keep himself from sliding any further into insanity, Stark had been working on adjusting his comms. He was certain he could manage to make the comms connect to the Fandom alumni network with a little effort. Or, as it turned out, a lot of effort. A transport pod containing a drunk Diagnosan, his handler, and Chiana was not the best work environment for anyone, let alone someone as unstable as Stark so often was. But he was certain he could make it work.

He was certain he had made it work, actually, but he'd been certain of many other successes in the past that hadn't turned out to be successes at all. That hadn't stopped him before, and it didn't stop him now.

So while the pod made a brief stop on a commerce planet and Stark was left blissfully alone for a few microts, he very tentatively tried out his new and theoretically improved comms. Whether he'd be able to make contact with anyone wasn't clear, but he was going to say a hello into the ether and hope for the best.

[Farscape is 10 years old today. Woo! I decided to celebrate I would maybe let Stark actually interact with someone. Crazy, I know. But it just might work. If you've any desire to receive something like a phone call from an emo alien, now would be the time.]
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His friends were still not-dead. Of this Stark was certain. He was something of an expert on death. He could be certain of such things. They also weren't really alive, which was, to understate things spectacularly, disturbing.

That was why Stark had volunteered to take Chiana to find a Diagnosan.

A Banik and a Nebari walk into a transport pod...and the Nebari manages not to kill the Banik. )
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In which Stark is not told things, freaks out, and makes someone go blind. Oops? )

[So, that post apparently took 5 months to write. o_0. Okay. There is no excuse for that. This brings us almost to end of season 4. Except for the really traumatic bit at the end. As opposed to all the traumatic bits in the middle.]
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Stark had grown tired of all the pacing and walking eventually. Now he'd taken to hiding in his quarters instead. He wouldn't have called it hiding, of course, but it was hiding all the same.

Unfortunately, hiding does not cause cupcakes to miraculously appear )

[No transcripts were harmed in the making of this post. No cupcakes were harmed either, though the last one I brought home from work was cruelly stolen from me.]
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Stark found himself wandering during the middle of what would have been night, if spaceships had night, and eventually his feet led him to what had once been Zhaan's quarters. Of course he was here. Where else?

Walking's good exercise, at least? )

[For a change, nothing stolen from episode transcripts. I want a cupcake.]
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They all made it back, relatively safely, aboard Moya. And, because they were all still the same people even after everything, they fled.

Some things never change. Some do. )

Things were normal, or what passed for normal on Moya most times. But it isn't so simple as that. It's never so simple as that. Of course Stark was happy to be back on Moya. Of course he was glad to see his friends again. Of course it was a relief to be safe and free, for now. But it wasn't right. Things (and people) were missing here. Things (and people) had changed too much and not enough. Moya was a fine place to be, but Moya wasn't home. Not anymore. Someday this might be home again, but not now. Not yet.

[The bit under the cut mostly from transcripts of episode 4.21 "We're So Screwed: La Bomba." Also, the internet tells me that my show premiered 9 years ago today.]
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Eventually, the Hynerian and the Traskan find what, and who, they have been searching for. It wasn't quite so simple as that. Things are never as simple as that. There had been Charrids and Kalish and Scarrans to avoid and various other parts of the plan to implement, but eventually the pair had found the correct room and the box within it. And then, of course, there had been more people to avoid and a bit of hiding behind said box.

And then... )

[A whoooole lot of this is borrowed and adapted from transcripts of episode 4.21 "We're So Screwed: La Bomba." The middle bit is all me.]
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Outside the box, things are changing.
Inside the box...there is Stark. )

[Italicized bit taken almost straight from an episode transcript from the "We're So Screwed" trilogy. And I love that my canon has episode titles like that.]


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