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It was a different day of the week than usual this session, but Stark was in his office. He wasn't sure why. The class was over now. He ought to have done this on an earlier day this week if he had wanted it to be in any way useful. But he was here nonetheless.

He'd packed up the cupcake books or returned them to the library. All that remained on the desk were the plants and the usual plate of cupcakes. This time they were cupcakes left from yesterday's class, which he was reviewing. There may even have been some note-taking happening about them in the hopes he might be able to recreate some in the future, or have someone else do so. Maybe he could make some suggestions to Gunther at the hotel. Or to someone at J,GoB. And, of course, there were plenty of cupcakes to share with anyone that might stop by.

[Sure, it's a bit silly to have office hours after the class is over but I forgot Wednesday and I didn't want to miss my last chance. I am clinging desperately to my glowyface alien, as per usual. Door and post are, of course, open.]
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Stark's room was packed up. Stark did not want his room to be packed up. Being packed up meant he was now left with an even emptier than normal room. He did not want that, either. That might have been why he kept unpacking and repacking one bag at a time. Or that might have been an excuse to stay in his room longer, in the hope that he would see people. Or it might have just been Stark being his not entirely sane self. It was hard to tell.

He was fairly certain that anyone who might care he was leaving knew that this was when he was doing so. He hoped so, at least. He wanted to be able to say goodbye, and any company would have the added benefit of perhaps distracting him for a few moments. He was tired of goodbyes. But not getting to say a goodbye at all was always worse. He knew that all too well. He would take the goodbyes over the alternative, but he'd rather not have to do either.

[Meant to get this up earlier, but work and life got in the way. Repeatedly. SP is everyone's friend. Really.]
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Stark had spent part of the night packing up his room. Since he didn't have much in the way of belongings, at least not that he felt needed to come with him, this hadn't take as much time as he might have liked. It wasn't that he enjoyed packing, it was just that it was something to do to keep him occupied. His mind had refused to quiet while he packed, however, and he had decided he needed to do something else after the room was mostly packed away.

He tried cleaning, at first, after things were mostly put into his bags. But aside from a few stray dust bunnies hiding under the beds and desk, there wasn't much to clean. And when there wasn't much to clean, there wasn't much to keep him busy. Keeping busy tonight just didn't seem to be an option.

So gathering up one of his bags, he had headed out of the room, out of the dorm, and then towards the Preserve.


The Preserve was another place Stark hadn't spent time, for whatever reason. Right now though an open space seemed the best place to be, and he didn't want to go to the beach or the park. Too much chance of someone else being there. Meditating in his room hadn't helped in recent days. Perhaps a change of location would do him some good. He'd be back in his room by morning to take the last opportunity to sleep in his bed.

After finding a clearing that seemed a likely spot, he dropped his bag and sat down. It was peaceful here, even if he was fighting back thoughts of a lovingly cared for garden. Maybe he could clear his head out here. His head could certainly use it.

So now he was sitting in a clearing, trying his best not to think of anything except the lit candle in front of him, and even that it would be better not to think of at all.

[Establishy. Unless you really want it not to be and you would like some seriously slow SP action.]


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