Luke's, Monday

Sep. 23rd, 2017 10:51 am
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Eliot was here on a Saturday.

The kitchen staff were all huddled together, staring at him suspiciously and taking bets as to what strange thing was about to happen.

"That's ridiculous," Eliot said. "I don't -- I'm not only here on a weekend when weird shit's going down."

"Usually it's 'cause the kids are here," the dishwasher said.

"Or the dead have risen," the busboy offered.

"Or when the aliens attack!" said the cook.

Eliot frowned, thinking, then shook his head. "Okay, but --"

"Remember the one where the Ghost of Christmas Present made everyone empathic?" said the busboy.

"That was a good one," the cook agreed. "I liked he one where he was about ten and climbed up on the awning to try to read."

"Definitely better than when he's sixty and all nostalgic," the dishwasher said.

"What about the time he got possessed by a serial killer and one of the customers had to magically throw him into the wall so she could escape?" the busboy asked.

The other two frowned at him.

"Was that a Saturday?"

"I don't even know, that was about a million years ago."

"Yeah, man, we're not talking about ancient history."

"Right," said Eliot. "Well. At least the new guy will get a feel for what working here will really be like."

Poor Miguel.

Today's specials
Sweet potato and brussel sprout hash with poached egg and thyme hollandaise
Brown butter pear crepes
Pumpkin cheesecake muffins

Luke's was open and OCD free, as the mun used all her brain on the text apparently.

Library, Saturday

Sep. 24th, 2017 12:45 am
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There mightn't have been any gourds left in the library, but the scent of spice still lingered.

Which meant Ahsoka kept wrinkling her nose and making faces. She was not a fan and meditation only got you so far with ignoring smells.

Covent Garden Flowers, Saturday

Sep. 23rd, 2017 04:02 pm
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Seivarden was beginning to think that working in a flower shop was one of the better things about this island, which, considering working with plants had never been her goal in life, said a lot about her opinion of Fandom.

She wasn't in a mood for either arranging flowers or carving gourds, but there was also a surprising amount of apples to deal with. To save herself from boredom, or even falling asleep, she arranged the apples neatly in flower pots and put them on display. Considering how confusing and frustrating this place was, a flower shop selling apples seemed almost normal.


4th floor common room, after classes

Sep. 22nd, 2017 08:12 pm
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Paris was so very tired of pumpkin spice smell, but she needed something to eat before beginning a marathon writing session.

She opened the fridge: "Pumpkin spice cookie batter, pumpkin spice iced lattes, pumpkin spice pumpkin--really?, pumpkin spice pancake mix, and three thousand gourds. I hate this place."

Paris flipped the television to C-SPAN (nerd alert) and was grumpily eating a bowl of pumpkin spice Cheerios. Please distract her.

33 Apocalypse Ave, Friday Afternoon

Sep. 22nd, 2017 02:00 pm
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Kathy sat on her bed, rolling a binyeo in her hands over and over again. On her bedside table was a bowl of seaweed soup and a small rice cake, both of which she'd made herself this morning and neither of which she could bring herself to eat.

It was Sarah's birthday today )

[I liiiive! Open to roommates or visitors, though warning for sad!Kathy today. I can't make any promises for availability--I has surgery yesterday, so I'm liable to fall asleep without warning! Sorry for being least-in-sight recently. Life has been [explosions.gif]]

Syndulla Scrap, Friday

Sep. 22nd, 2017 11:48 am
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The junkyard was full of gourds today.

Whether some of the junk had become gourds, or the gourds had been added to the junk...Hera was still trying to figure out. Also, the entire place smelled of spice. Which, granted, wasn't as bad as the fish smell that had taken over until a week or so ago, but still - Hera rather liked the smell of ship oil and metal.

"Stop poking them, Chopper. It'll just make a bigger mess."

Chopper made a rude noise.

The junkyard was open!
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Okay, technically Caritas hadn't been closed (shark-induced renovations were expensive and she'd needed the revenue), but it had been a construction-laden mess for weeks, and Kitty had worked super hard on getting it back up to snuff. The floors were new, the bar and tables and booths were new and updated, there'd been repainting and a roof replacement and Kitty wouldn't be able to watch HGTV for a while but it was done.

So tonight there was a party, with posters having been posted around the island. The zombies were onstage playing- and with a table of merch off to the side- Tino was behind the bar while Kitty would either be there or mingling, and they were fully open for business.


[Nar's back! Come to the party!]

Fandom Radio: Friday, September 22nd

Sep. 22nd, 2017 11:36 am
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Good morning, Fandom. This is Dr. Hannibal Lecter once again with whatever news the squirrels have handed me from yesterday.

In my First Aid class, we covered burns, and everybody took very good notes before being turned loose on a simulation of a fire, which Peridot found fascinating and Kaylin found oddly unconvincing.

Later, in The Island Hates You, students had to try fighting monsters their friends and classmates had turned into without killing them. So, some more practical knowledge. And in How to Get By in a Hostile World, the class learned about misdirection and how to pick pockets; Breq and Tip decided to team up after Tip was unsuccessful on her own, and Mara tried to pick Shiemi's pocket.

The dorms seem to have been quiet, but there was quite a bit happening in town, where Covent Gardens got a shipment of herbs for Peter to settle, Miguel stopped by The Perk for coffee and met Eliot and Sparkle. A good introduction to this island, if I say so.

And last night at The Boards, Iris decided to have a karaoke party. Oh, dear. Kanan had apparently been coerced into it along with Hera, and Miguel, Breq, Peter, Jono, Rufus, Kenzi, and Ringo arrived and mingled, and several of them sung, including Iris, Kanan, and Kenzi.

So, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, and I should go ensure Jono isn't too upset. Welcome to the island, Mr. O'Hara and anybody else who may be new. And if anybody could kindly explain what I'm supposed to do with a closet full of decorative gourds and a bathtub filled with pumpkin spice coffee, it would be appreciated.

Now I suppose I have to give the squirrels pumpkin spice rum.

*chittering cheers*

The Magic Box, Friday

Sep. 22nd, 2017 11:12 am
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The shop was full of gourds. Jenkins tried to work out which of the items for sale was causing it, but with his entire stock emitting a faintly cinnamon and allspice smell, it was difficult to tell. Even the smudge sticks were giving off a nigh-overwhelming aroma of ginger and cloves.

"The scent of the sage is nearly the entire point," Jenkins grumbled as he sniffed one of the sticks. "I suppose it's attacked the lavender and incense too." He gathered the stock up to put away until the effect had passed, but the moment he opened the door to the supply closet, he was caught in an avalanche of cucurbitas and lagenarias.

"It's going to be an exceedingly long day."


Civics, Friday, September 22, 2017

Sep. 22nd, 2017 07:04 am
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Well, the classroom was very... festive. Through no work on the teachers' parts. On the plus side, the glitter was all cleaned up.

"Welcome back, welcome back. Today we're going to be discussing the filibuster in the US Congress," Tony said, making a face as he took a sip of his pumpkin spice coffee.


The Perk, Friday Morning

Sep. 22nd, 2017 11:19 am
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"You're making tea in paper bags?

Seivarden gave the barista a look that combined condescending and horrified.

Things hadn't been quite comfortable since she and Hannibal had had a conversation about the customs on the island, or at least that was how Seivarden felt. Frustrated with this place, and with a growing sense of desperation, she had decided to spend what little money she had in a tea shop. Well, it served tea, although there was a preference for the local drink called coffee. She was also questioning whether what they served as tea could really be considered to be that.

"You can get a pot of tea with loose leaves if you like," the barista said, unimpressed. "Which kind to you want?"

"Any decent tea," Seivarden replied, with an accent that would, in Radch, make the staff give her whatever she wanted.

Now she ended up sitting at a table, trying to drink some excuse for tea that smelled sickly of flowers. If she had had any place that could be called home she would like to go there now. Or, as there was no such place, somewhere where she could find a dealer.


Groovy Tunes, Friday

Sep. 22nd, 2017 07:10 am
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Dante'd been doing a decent job of acting the part of his usual self: joking, lewd comments, drinks, conversations about cats. But the facade wasn't holding as well as he wanted it to. Last weekend had freaked him out and he still didn't know what to make of it all, but he'd woken up to the feeling of teeth in his neck and something glowing under his skin a few too many times.

There wasn't really much else to do but go back to Limbo City for the weekend and sort this shit out. He knew that.

He kicked over a gourd on his way in and sighed. For the moment, though, he had a shop to man, and 'Paint It Black' to master.

"I see my red door, I must have it painted black. Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts..."

[[ open! ]]

The Boards, Thursday Evening

Sep. 21st, 2017 04:24 pm
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The marquee outside of the Boards, Groovy Tunes, whatever Jono was calling it these days was blinking the words 'KARAOKE NIGHT – FREE BOOZE AND SNACKS' in neon-bright colours.

Ino was pretty proud of herself for figuring out how to do that, especially since she was running on absolutely zero sleep. See, despite it being Jono's store/theatre unholy hybrid, he had no damn idea this was happening tonight.

Or that it was mostly his booze she was planning on giving to people for free.

(Ino had bought the snacks; Jono hadn't had enough of those around.)

Sure, it had been supposed to be a small thing, like, just her, Kanan, and Hera but why not turn it into a party?

And singing karaoke on an actual stage in an actual theatre would be pretty sweet too.

While killing time until her guests showed up, Ino fiddled with the lights, looking for the best way to light the stage and trying to decide if she could rig up a disco ball or not. There probably wasn't time. (Maybe next time.)

Because Ino was a brat, and a Turk, and that meant getting the numbers of every single person on the island was child's play, she'd sent a text to everyone on the island—except Jono and Dr. Lecter, since she was pretty sure Dr. Lecter would rat her out to Jono—inviting them out to have a good time.

Karaoke party at the Boards tonight!

If all of Jono's booze wasn't gone by the end of the night, she'd make sure it disappeared conveniently.

Sorry not sorry, Jono!
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It's decorative gourd season--well, you know.


In honor of the first day of Fall (in the Northern Hemisphere, anyway) tomorrow, there will be decorative gourds all over. Careful when opening closets, folks. There will also be pumpkin spice everything: coffee, cookies, showers, toilet paper, decorative gourds...


The Perk, Thursday

Sep. 21st, 2017 10:45 am
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Coffee. Coffee was good.

Well, okay, having local currency was good. But after a quick stop at the bank, coffee was good.

So here was Miguel, sunglasses firmly in place, still looking a bit groggy, trying to get just a coffee.

He ended up with something heavily sugared, but it was also heavily caffeinated, so he was calling it a win. And sitting outside with it, because he got less weird looks for wearing sunglasses outside. So there.

[Open post! Come meet the newbie!]

Covent Garden Flowers, Thursday

Sep. 21st, 2017 10:09 am
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Well, at least apples were plants. Or part of plants.

Peter put the basket of them out front again, hoping the last of them would be gone soon. Otherwise...could you just plant them?

He'd be looking that up today. Also calling the delivery service to see if they could finally get things they needed instead of things they hadn't ordered.

At least some of the former had finally come in, so he also had some mint, catnip, lavender, and aloe to find places for. And to try to unwrap from his hands; the mint was really needy for some reason.

Covent Garden was open!
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Class was back in the Danger Shop again, though there were no bodies here this time. Yet.

Cut for length and discussion of burns )
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"Sometimes, dealing with forces more powerful than you can be as simple as playing on the weaknesses most beings share," Atton said. "Like how most people are easily distracted. For all that we like to talk and talk about what great multitaskers we are, most species aren't actually very good at paying attention to more than one thing at once."

He sat down on his desk.

"And that's how pickpockets line their pockets," he said. "You'd be surprised how easily you can distract people from one thing by presenting them with something more immediate and familiar. And no, this isn't me encouraging you all to start stealing everything in sight - though if you are hungry and out of money, feel free - but sometimes, it can be really useful to be able to shortcut the high and mighty and grab something you might need."

"Some pickpockets work in teams: you usually have a stall and a pick. The stall makes sure the mark stops, like by bumping into them-- but only somewhere where it makes sense for them to do that. Like a train car, or a crowded hallway, or a large public hall, stuff like that. Then as the mark suddenly comes to a stop, it makes sense for the pick to 'accidentally' bump into them and lift their wallet. The mark's still fixated on the stall; they won't focus on the pick until the deed has already been done. Sometimes the stall will do something else, like drop some coins, or otherwise get the mark to kneel down so the pick can do his work."

He nodded at the simulated train car in front of them. "But you can also easily work alone in an environment like that," he said. "Hide your hands under a newspaper or something, and accidentally brush past someone-- that touch is usually so expected and normal, people don't question it. Some pickpockets like to actually draw attention to people's money, like by shouting that there's a pickpocket around--" He smirked. A little. "--so people will pat the places they have their valuables, making it easier to find them. If you're a woman, or a particularly attractive guy, fish, whatever, you can also try the old 'I'm drunk and affectionate' act.

He shrugged.

"No matter what, the trick is misdirection," he said. "Which is something you have to practice. So-- half of you are going to be pickpockets today, and the other half are going to be marks. You can team up or go it alone, I don't care. Practice this stuff. If you're successful, swap roles."

He pointed at a table full of wallets. "Marks? Get your crap."
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This week, the danger shop was made up to look like outside the dorms. You know. For authenticity. Or because it was easy. Fifty-fifty odds there.

"So, the squirrels were a little confused on the facts this week, we think?" Magnus said, voice going up at the end like he too was questioning it all and therefore should not be blamed if they were completely wrong. "And I totally whiffed that investigation check, so this is what we're going with."

Cara probably had a better excuse than that.

Cara's excuse was that she didn't care and the squirrels' version was close enough. "Sometimes the real enemy is all of us," she said. "Not in a philosophical sense, in a people are turning into monsters and you can't actually kill them sense."

Magnus nodded along with that sagely. "I mean. You could, but it'd be really rough and people usually stay dead. Most of the time." He was lookin' at you, Barry Bluejeans. "So, we'll be working on some non-lethal fights. Which, trust me, is super hard when you're used to just going for it. One time we accidentally killed a guy and had to dump him off a cliff. It was a thing."

"Don't do that," was Cara's suggestion. "As an added bonus, the things your classmates, teachers and other townsfolk have turned into are also stronger, faster, and hardier than usual, so you'll have to get creative."

"Also, I think they have stoneskin cast on them?" Magnus said, squinting out like he could tell. "Which sucks if you like non-magical damage. So, maybe team up? Yeah, totally team up. Team work was the lesson we meant all along."

Team up to not kill your friends the murder gargoyles, a lesson they could all get behind. "Yes, that."
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So. Cool story. Apparently, my robot self decided that it would be super fun to, like, totally do radio! And everyone knows that squirrels are sadistic little *BEEEEEP*s, so guess who's back and probably stuck doing this for the rest of the semester and was forced to buy little pumpkin spice lattes for these already too hyper rodents because someone's robot self decided it was cute when squirrels get little whipped cream mustaches...

That's right, everyone, it's me. Summer Smith. Please contain your excitement.

Although squirrels really do look cute with whipped cream mustaches. I will give my robot self that.

Anyway, here's the news or whatever, because this is my life now. And yours. Because the squirrels are always watching.

In SCHOOL, Earth Zoology took a trip to the Tibetan Plateau, where they learned about three not-unicorns. What, you mean like those dumb goats at the general store? Those goats are lame, they totally chewed a hole in my sweater once. It looks like no sweaters were harmed in the making of this class, though they did get to hang out with yaks.


Don't talk back. And it was Peridot's day at the library, and she really is a good friend, because she's the one who told me about all this stupid radio business so I didn't get a really unpleasant surprise this morning. Aloy stopped in, too, helping Peridot with the unruly books that were being total spazzes, and then learning about what a book actually is.

Decent toilet paper when you have nothing else available, that's what it is.

The DORMS were pretty quiet. And the TOWN? Also quiet, pretty meh. Breq was checking out a karaoke machine at Groovy Tunes, Zack was feeling restless and needed to go prowling through the Preserve, and,, man, see, I feel bad talking about people's issues like this, but, uh, well, hey, Alluka showed up with a cuddly dinosaur toy to make him feel all better, and, uhhhh, everything was okay! And totally good! Yay!

Uh, Ino wasn't having a great day at Pick your Poison, either. But, hey! She got a visit from BDG..err, Kanan, so her day had to get better by default, especially as they hammered out some deets about some plans tomorrow.

Then 29 Chimera Court got a new tenant in the form of one Dr. Miguel O'Hara, a detail that current owner Captain Nathan Algren had not been clued into. Like some freakin' sitcom. But then Captain Algren was all, "Oh, right, it's Fandom, sure, what the hell? Why not?" and told Dr. O'Hara about his housemates. Like Liam! Who was too lazy to fight Dr. O'Hara over house rights and silly details like why this rando is in his house. And Captain Algren was all, "I'm not gonna fight him either, Liam, dude had a key," but they did plot to run Dr. O'Hara out if he plays loud music at 3 a.m., so I hope you're listening, Doctor, you've been warned.

And that's what makes news here on an average, regular day. Some dudes hanging out in a house, talking about what happens if you continue to hang out in said house.


But that is all, so I'm getting out of here, I have class or whatever, I think? I don't know what the hell goes on here anymore, but, hey, I guess we're doing this again next week, too. Joy!



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