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Since the first round of cupcake class was finished, Stark wasn't even sure he needed to be in his office today. He was there anyway. It wasn't as if he had a lot of other places to go, plus he liked his office. It had his plants and his cupcake books.

And since soon there would be another round of cupcake class, it was time to look for new recipes to share with the students. Scary ones, and delicious ones, and ones that no sane person (or even a less than sane one, and Stark would know) would ever choose to bake.

Today's cookbook had, in Stark's opinion, far too many muffin recipes.

The plate full of mini cupcakes on the desk, however, contained no muffins.

[Availability is extra weird today as I am leaving sometime this afternoon for a wedding tomorrow. It is unclear whether the hotel has internet access (the horror!). But if you like very slow play, this post is for you!]

Date: 2011-06-25 02:54 am (UTC)
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And sometime during the day, a box was delivered. In the box? A request to be a Teacher's aide, two chocolate cupcakes with green tea icing, and two letters of reference. Well, one letter from the Cheese Grater at the Cafe Fina that said she was "very experienced" in cupcakes and other desserts. And a letter from Fosse that she had never burned the dorms down when baking.

She'd wanted a testimonial that the stoves were evil and hated her, but he'd refused.

So! A box sent to each of the co-teachers, with Momoko hoping they would get her in. She'd never been a TA before, but Momoko would never forgive herself if she missed a chance to be in a class about Cupcake War Crimes.


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