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Probably unnecessary, but I did it anyway because I love any excuse to babble about anything Farscape related.

Stark's from Farscape which is the best show in the history of ever and everyone should watch it.

He's a Banik, which is a humanoid alien. He's also a Stykera which is a special sort of Banik though canon never really fully explains the specialness (likely because it would have interfered with the use of the Glowy Plot Device that is Stark). Basically he's not entirely corporeal (he survived being "dispersed" once because of this) and he glows. Well, his face glows at least. Hence the Phantom of the Opera-esque mask he wears all the time. If he doesn't keep it on, he kind of leaks out energy which is unpleasant and potentially dangerous for him. Stykera can do some nifty stuff, like crossing people over to The Other Side (he assists the dying and makes it a nice experience for them) and sharing thoughts with others and taking their pain. And occasionally he serves as a Glowy Plot Device.

He's post-canon now after I spent an absurdly long time drawing out season 4 and then Peacekeeper Wars.

He used to be a slave, then he was a science experiment, then he fell in love with a plant who went and died on him. Then he came to school here, developed an unhealthy fascination with cupcakes (which is to be blamed entirely on [ profile] cantgetnorelief), graduated, went back to space, got Banik-napped, had a video game made from his neural template (EXACTLY as bizarre as you might expect), got stuffed in a box, got rescued, then helped bring about the end of a nasty war after briefly going rather crazier than normal. You know, the usual.

Now he's taking a break to teach a class on cupcakes with Anders because I like to think I'm funny.

Stark's also not entirely sane but he's entitled. His sanity level is generally improving and a nice summer on Fandom Island will help greatly. Yes. Fandom makes him saner. That really ought to tell you all you need to know about his mental state.

He is available for any Glowy Plot Device needs you might have. Or babysitting needs. He enjoys tiny children.

I'm Mandy.
I'm a wrangler of teacup humans (read: a nursery school teaching assistant).
I'm in the superior Eastern timezone.
I still have no daytime availability (8:30-5 or so) due to having to actually watch the little vectors of disease I work with. Hopefully there is a smartphone in my future though, and that might lead to the occasional daytime ping. Whee.
And no matter what SOME PEOPLE might tell you, I am NOT FOR NOMMING.

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You know, it has always baffled me how a bit of leather keeps in the glow.

Then again, I was always baffled at the wraps Jono wears too.

UBERSPECIAL!Leather and UBERSPECIAL!cloth. I wants some.


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